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triple residential garage doors

Overhead Door Repair, Installation & More in and around Drayton Valley

If you have questions about overhead doors for your home or business, Foothills Door has got you covered. Have a look at a few of our most frequently asked questions on this page, and for more information, give us a call! We serve Drayton Valley, Edson, Rocky Mountain House and surrounding areas.

Why does my garage door reverse when I try to close it?

Check your infrared safety sensors, typically located on either side of the garage door about a foot from the ground. The sensors could be misaligned, or malfunctioning, but most likely they are obstructed. They need to be able to “see” each other, so make sure all goods, equipment and your vehicle(s) are clear of them. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to call Foothills Door for a professional assessment of the problem.

Do you offer same-day service?

We do! In fact, Foothills door is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service and repair. We’ll provide a free estimate and do our best to get your overhead door working again as quickly as possible.

I need a replacement part for my overhead door. Can you help?

Foothills Door’s expert technicians can supply and install replacement parts for residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors. If you don’t require the part(s) urgently, rather than scheduling an immediate visit, we can drop by when our technicians are in the area to help you save on delivery charges.

Can I open my garage door during a power outage?

Attached to the trolley of your garage door opener is an emergency release cord. Pull it, and the trolley will be released from the garage door, allowing you to open and close it manually. Keep in mind, overhead doors can be very heavy, so this is not recommended.

Does your staff have the required safety certifications?

Safety is a top concern at Foothills Door, so our staff has all the required safety tickets for installing and servicing overhead doors, including H2S, First Aid and aerial lift device safety certification.

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